Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fine Art Gallery of Ron Hicks

Ron Hicks' works have been characterized as a blend of representational art and impressionism. Some critics have compared them to paintings by Rembrandt and Daumier. The 41-year old artist translates his own moody visions with a muted palette and rarely uses pure color. He particularly favors the variety he finds in gray. "Gray allows me to capture atmosphere, mood, and layers of emotion," he says. "Gray sets the tone for the rest of the painting."

As a Fine Art World premium artist member, Ron receives an Independent Website or artist website, plus a Fine Art World Community Website for additional exposure. View Ron's artwork on his Fine Art World gallery website.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Village Arts of Putney - New Fine Art World Gallery

Village Arts of Putney - Gallery Website
Fine Art World is excited about the new Gallery Member: Village Arts of Putney. The Village Arts of Putney is host to a variety of artwork and art workshops by a number of world class artists including:
 The Village Arts of Putney is a Premium Gallery Member which means they have both a Community Website and an Independent Website. Be sure to browse artwork by these amazing artists on The Village Arts of Putney's Community Website or Independent Website.

Artists interested in workshops by theses workshops should be sure to view their Classes & Workshops 2012 Page or their Events Page. The workshops and classes fill up fast so be sure to sign up ASAP!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Gallery Website of Lorenzo Chavez

Lorenzo Chavez Gallery Website
Lorenzo Chavez is a plein air painter based out of New Mexico. Lorenzo truly captures the southwest landscape with his representational pastel drawings. As a Fine Art World premium artist member, Lorenzo receives an Independent Website or artist website, plus a Fine Art World Community Website for additional exposure. View Lorenzo's artwork on his Fine Art World gallery website.

Fine Art World provides numerous renowned artists and galleries with fine art website for selling art online.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gallery Website: Artist Kevin Daniel

Kevin Daniel's Gallery Website
The image above is a screenshot of Kevin Daniel's gallery website. As a Fine Art World Premium Artist Member, Kevin receives an Independent Website and a Community Website. These fine art websites have built-in e-commerce tools that allow the artist to display and sell their artwork online.

Visit Kevin Daniel's community website within
Visit Kevin's independent website.

Fishing The Gallatin

Big Horn Pass

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Publisher and Online Gallery Segal Fine Art - David Mann

Fall Foliage by David Mann
Publisher and Online Gallery Segal Fine Art carries original artwork and limited edition prints by legendary motorcycle artist David Mann. David passed in September of 2004.

Read more about David Mann in his online biography.
View David Mann's artwork on Segal Fine Art's gallery website:

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Gallery Websites with Easy Content Management Systems

Gallery Website Example
Gallery websites are all about artwork and imagery. While the look and feel of your gallery website is important, how you manage the artwork behind the scenes is vital. That's where the content management system comes into play.

Content management systems make it easy for anyone to make changes to their website. Fine Art World provides it's Premium Gallery Members with gallery websites that have easy-to-use content management systems built in. This means artwork can be quickly and easily added to their website.

In the world of fine art, a gallery must be able to make changes to their website on the fly. Whether it's adding new artwork, price changes, or simply adding an event. Gallery owners shouldn't have to wait for a programmer to make changes to their website.

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Also see artist websites.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gallery Websites for Selling Art

Gallery Websites - Fine Art World
Fine Art World is a provider of gallery websites designed for selling fine art online. Each website comes with a easy-to-use e-commerce gallery built in. The artwork in these galleries is seamlessly integrated with PayPal to ensure security and efficiency.

These fine art websites are designed for both artists and galleries. Fine Art World has created a Premium Gallery Membership and 3 Artist Memberships that provide galleries with gallery websites and artists with artist websites.

One of the major benefits of being a Fine Art World Member is the Community Website ( that Premium Gallery Members, Premium Artist Members, and Basic Plus Artist Members receive. The Community websites are additional websites that exist on The major benefit of these Community Websites is the exposure to art collectors that come FAW's marketing efforts.

See also: Independent Websites.

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